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HSP-4 K cup coffee cups filling and sealing equipment

HSP-1N is high speed powder specially coffee cups filling and sealing machinery with well-know intelligent temperature control. It has automatic cup dropping, filling coffee powder (or other types powder like tea, cocoa powder, milk powder, etc.) vacu
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Product Details

  •  Full automatically running, dropping cups / filters, filling, pressing, cleaning, sucking lids, sealing.
  •  Automatically detect each step by sensor, no cup and no dropping, no cup and filling, no cup and no sealing; the machine is more than one lane for production, once any one lane broke, other lanes will go on working without any influenced.
  •  Saving labor cost.
  •  Equipped with nitrogen flushing machine.
Technical information

No. Model HSP-6 HSP-4 HSP-2 HSP-1L
1 Speed 10800-14000
7200-9600 cups/h 3600-4800 cups/h 1800-2000
2 Working station 6lanes 4lanes 2lanes 1lane
3 Filling range 5-20grams 5-20grams 5-20grams 5-20grams
4 Filling accuracy ±1.5% ±1.5% ±1.5% ±1.5%
5 Voltage Three Phase  220V/380V 60HZ/50HZ Three Phase  220V/380V 60HZ/50HZ Three Phase  220V/380V 60HZ/50HZ Three Phase
6 Air  pressure / gas consumption ≥0.8Mpa/0.1m² ≥0.8Mpa/0.1m² ≥0.8Mpa/0.1m² ≥0.8Mpa/0.1m²
7 Working Temperature 5-35°C 5-35°C 5-35°C 5-35°C
8 Relative humidity ≤85% ≤85% ≤85% ≤85%
9 Machine size L 5000* W1200* H2600mm L 5000* W1000* H2600mm L 5000* W900* H2600mm L2035*W650*H1980mm
Finished Products

Optional Equipment:
1. Feeding Elevator (lifting coffee powder from the tank on the ground to the hopper of machine).
2. Output Exit Conveyor (to carry packaged products by counting)
3. Coding Machine with Barcode Printer (to print information on the package such as production date, expiry date, logo or barcode)
4. Carton Packing Machine( 4/ 8/ 18/ 24 pcs capsules per carton)
5. Coffee Tank (200L)
6. Liquid Filling system (for fill different flavor into coffee.

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