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HSP-2 Automatically Lavazza Point coffee filling and sealing

Lavazza point coffee capsule filling & sealing production line, it includes empty capsules sorting machine, automatically conveying cups machine and coffee capsule bag packing machine,also injecting nitrogen into bag. It is fully automatically and the
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Product Details

  • Extremely precise dosing unit to assure correct product weight
  • Easy cleaning and product change, even between coffee and soluble powder.
  • Possibility to handle different capsule styles with easy size changeover.
  • Aroma doser to drop liquid flavor into the capsules
  • Upgradable in speed , even on field.
  • Possible tailor-made solutions according to capsule configuration
  • Minimal maintenance requirement
Technical information

No. Model HSP-1/2/4/6/8
1 Capacity 30/60/120/180/240 cups/minute
2 Working station 1-8 lanes
3 Filling range 5-20grams adjustble
4 Filling accuracy ±1.5%
5 Voltage Three Phase  240V 60HZ
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